What Demolition method is suitable for your project?

Demolition Methods

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When you employ the services of a demolition company, all you know is that the job will be done by the end of the contract. But have you ever given thought to the exact demolition methods used by these highly qualified companies?

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A demolition company makes use of a few principle demolition methods for standard application.

Here are the principal demolition methods used including a short description of each:

Demolition method no 1 – Implosion
As opposed to explosion, the act of implosion is that of a structure bursting inwards or falling into itself by the use of explosives. Implosion as a demolition method is used when demolition is needed on a high-rise building or structure that falls within a high-traffic area such as the centre of town. This demolition method is an important method to have full training and knowledge on before it is attempted, as it involves the specific placing of explosives throughout the interior of the structure to be demolished that will result in the structure being totally demolished without any harm to surrounding areas or the public.

Demolition Method no 2 – High Reach Arm
The high reach arm is seen as one of the older and out-of-date demolition methods used. The high reach arm had a limited range as it could only reach heights of up to 20 metres and was therefore mainly used within the residential field. This demolition method consisted of a excavator, tank or engine which had the arm attached to it. The high reach arm would then remove parts of the structure by breaking it down with its powerful lunge. Generally very messy, it was mainly used as a preferred demolition method within quiet areas for instance a dilapidated warehouse in an open field.

Demolition Method no 3 – The Ball & Crane
Also viewed as one of the more traditional and old style demolition methods and working in a similar way to the high reach arm, the ball would be attached to a crane with a cable or heavy-duty chain. The ball would then be swung towards and into a structure through the use of controllers within the crane. Also a messy demolition method, it was not preferred to be used for smaller, more detailed demolition projects.

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