Forte Demolition are experts in the field of industrial demolition in South Africa. We are a turnkey demolition company focussed on complying to safety, health and environment standards.


Forte Demolition is one of our countries most experienced leaders in the mechanical and conventional demolition field. Our management and employee structure has a broad knowledge of demolition, this knowledge is a direct result of our vast experience in the demolition field.

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Excavation Specialists in South Africa

Through commitment and effort Forte Demolition ensures client satisfaction by completing turnkey projects safely and on schedule. Management and employees are highly skilled to perform any task in the specialized and demanding demolition field.

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This is sustained by management leading by example, being pro-active, conducting continuous training and emphasizing hazard awareness on sites. Forte Demolition is a truly South-African company that pride ourselves in our services, employees and client's well being, as the companies highest priority.

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As a demolition contractor company, we offer the following demolition services:

  • And any other demolition job that you require